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Satisfiability (SAT) is infamous because it’s the first problem proven to be in $NPC$1. As evidence of SAT’s prominence, Donald Knuth recently released a 320 page addition to The Art of Computer Programming2 dedicated to SAT. This humble work in only an introduction; however, it provides sufficient details to satisfy the needs of the majority of software professionals.

  • constrained case of 2-SAT
  • Using the local search design paradigm, it’s possible to solve in polynomial time


  1. $n$ boolean variables $x_1, x_2,…,x_n$
  2. $m$ clauses of 2 literals each (“literal” $=x_i$ or $\neg x_i$) that are or-ed together


  • $(x_1 \lor x_2) \land (\neg x_1 \lor x_3) \land (x_3 \lor x_4) \land (\neg x_2 \lor \neg x_4)$


  • $yes$ if there is an assignment that simultaneously satisfies every clause, $no$ otherwise

Example: $yes$ via $x_1=x_3=TRUE$ and $x_2=x_4=FALSE$

Solvable by:

  • Reduction to computing strongly connected components
  • Backtracking
  • Randomized local search

3-SAT is not tractable

  • Brute-force search $\approx 2^n$
  • $\approx (\frac{4}{3})^n$ via randomized local search (Schoning)

Papadimitrious’s 2-SAT Algorithm - special in that sense that’s it’s one of the only local search algorithms that guaranteed to run in polynomial time and produce a correct answer.

  1. Repeat $\log_2{n}$ times
    1. Choose random initial assignment
    2. Repeat $2n^2$ time:
      1. if current assignment satisfies all clauses, halt + report this
      2. Else, pick arbitrary unsatisfied clause and flip the value of one of it’s variables [choose between the two uniformly at random]
    3. Report unsatisfiable

Runtime = $O(2n^2 \log_2{n})$

  • Runs in polynomial time
  • Always correct on unsatisfiable instances
  • Probability of finding satisfying assignment if one exists is $\geq 1 - \frac{1}{n}$


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  1. See John Cook’s 1971 paper entitled The Complexity of Theorem Proving Procedures 

  2. The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 4, Fascicle 6: Satisfiability by Donald E. Knuth. It’s available on Amazon