Quick Select

Quick select determines the nth ranked item in an array without sorting the array. This is accomplished by recursively partitioning halves of the array until the nth item is placed in the correct position. A typical use is finding the nth highest score in an array.

Asymptotic Complexity

$O(n)$ on average

Pseudo Code

    // side effect: rearranges the values in A, the correct value will be in the
    // nth position of the array
    A = input array
    nth = the nth highest value to find

    if length of A <= 1:
        return A[0]

    pivot_on = choose_pivot(n)
    swap A[0] with A[pivot_on]

    pivot = partition(nth, A)

    if pivot == nth:
        return A[nth]

    if pivot < nth:
        return select(nth - pivot, A[pivot thru len of A])

    return select(nth, A[0 thru pivot])
    A = input array with the pivot value at position 0

    pivot_pointer = A[0]
    left_pointer = A[1]
    right_pointer = A[last item]

    infinite loop:
            left_pointer < right_pointer and
            left_pointer value < pivot_pointer value:

                left_pointer + 1

            right_pointer is not the begining of the array and
            right_pointer value >= pivot_pointer value:

                right_pointer + 1

        if left_pointer >= right_pointer:
            break out of infinite loop
            swap left_pointer value with right_pointer value

    swap pivot_pointer value with right_pointer value
    return right_pointer

    returns: ideal index to partition on
    n = number of elements in the partition

    return uniformly random number between 0 and n inclusive

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