Who is this Guy?

Dale Alleshouse, AKA the hideous humpback freak, is a staff engineer at Sagely. He is a 25+ year veteran developer with a passion for technology and a penchant for keeping up with software trends. He has architected and developed many different types of software in his career, including systems, robotics, and business. He is particularly interested in DevOps-focused cloud-native business applications, which has exposed him to a litany of frameworks (frontend and backend), databases (relational and NoSQL), and other related tools. He prides himself on understanding software technologies at a base level, enabling him to quickly come up to speed in any environment.

Dale’s personal goal is to increase the technical acumen of as many software professionals as possible. Therefore, he’s involved in several technical user groups and participates in mentorship programs in his free time. He also speaks at conferences and actively contributes to the open-source community. You can find him studying philosophy, building furniture, or generally being a menace when not programming.


The content and opinions expressed on this blog are Dale Alleshouse’s own and do not necessarily represent his employer’s view in any way.