Two Common Misconceptions about Multithreading and Async

I’ve recently talked to several experienced developers that struggle with the async/await keywords introduced in .NET 4.5. There are literally hundred of good articles out there on the topic; however, they continue to struggle with two misconceptions. The first is that the async keyword is just another way to do multithreading. The other is that multithreading and asynchrony are meant to improve performance. This blog post will give some history and dispel these fallacies.

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Map Framework for AutoMapper

AutoMapper is an AMAZING open source project that I can’t do without it in my WebAPI and MVC projects. However, creating the class maps can be a bit cumbersome. Creating maps is resource intensive due to heavy use of reflection, so best practices dictate creating all maps at app startup. This is typically done with a single file, like below:

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AngularJS Forms in 3.1

Here is a presentation I did for CincyNG (Cincinnati AngularJS Meet up) on November18th, 2014. I explain what’s new for forms in AngularJS 1.3

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